Date: 4/19/2007 1:01:03 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: psychotron.ebay@virgin.net
To: emlysma@aol.com
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It has come to my attention that on a recent ebay auction you placed 
a link to a page that libeled me and other reputable UK poster 
dealers. This will not be tolerated.
If this link reappears or and relevant similar material is on your 
website we will be looking to have thewhocollection.com closed down 
and will be suing you and your internet provider for providing the 
platform for you to slander us.

You accuse me of knowing nothing about posters. This is slanderous 
for my legitimate business and I want you to remove all comments 
about me immediately.

Please consult a lawyer on your position and take his advice.

Pete Bonner



Mr. Bonner is the owner of Psychotron Records and Posters in the UK. As the old saying goes " Me doth think you protest too much!" As for the accuracy of his e-mail, I do not sell on e-bay or anywhere for that matter nor have I ever mentioned Mr. Bonner anywhere. I wonder why he would be so sensitive? Perhaps a vested interest? Seems like a reasonable person should use a good bit of caution in dealing with this outfit.