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Pictured on the left  is an extremely rare handbill for the High Numbers appearance on August 9, 1964 at The Hippodrome, Brighton. Pictured on the right is the even rarer poster for the same show.  This concert was about one month after the High Numbers release of their one and only single on Fontana Records: I'm The Face b/w Zoot Suit. 


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The High Numbers played support to the Beatles at the Blackpool Opera House on August 16, 1964. This is the front and inside cover of the program for the show. 

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This is the handbill for the High Numbers appearance on August 23, 1964 back at the Hippodrome in Brighton. Both of the High Numbers handbills are interesting in that they both have the booking forms still attached. 


On May 20, 1965 the band played at the Town Hall in Kidderminster. This is a handbill for the show.


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This is a poster for the band's performance on May 22, 1965 at the Astoria Ballroom in Rawtenstall. This early poster promoted their "Hit Single"  I Can't Explain. In addition to being pretty scarce by itself this poster is signed by all 4 members of the band. 


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On June 19th, 1965 The Who played at the Uxbridge Blues Festival. Pictured on the left is the original contract for the show stating that the band will be paid 150 Pounds for their performance. This particular contract is signed by Christopher (Kit) Lambert. Pictured on the right is the incredibly rare double sized 40 X 30 inch poster for the show.

Poster formerly in the collection of Ross Halfin.


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On July 17th, 1965 the Who played at the Town Hall in Torquay. This poster is a hand painted one-off for that gig. According to a conversation I had with Joe McMichael, the Who were  booked into this show on short notice, thus the need for a quick hand painted poster to advertise the show. The reference to "Fabulous Recording Stars" is interesting as the band had only released two 45's on Brunswick up to this point: I Can't Explain b/w Bald Headed Woman and Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere b/w Daddy Rolling Stone. 

On display at the  Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame from April of 1998 to May, 2004


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On July 30th, 1965 The Who played at the Fender Club, Kenton, Middlesex. This is the original contract for the show stating that the band are to be paid 180 Pounds guaranteed against 60% of gross door receipts. The contract is signed by Christopher Stamp. 



On August 27th, 1965 The Who were back in Torquay. This is a poster from that show. 


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On August 6th, 1965 The Who appeared at the 5th National Jazz & Blues Festival at the Athletic Ground in Richmond. According to "The Who Concert File" the set consisted of: "Daddy Rolling Stone", "My Generation", "I Can't Explain", "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere", and "Shout & Shimmy". This is the program for the event. 


This ultra rare poster is for the band's performance on September 25, 1965 at the KB Hallen, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark.


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This monumental poster is for The Who's last ever gig at The Goldhawk Social Club in Shepherds Bush on December 3, 1965. The Goldhawk club was one of The Who's regular gigs in the early days. They played their first show there on June 7, 1963 as the Detours. They went on to play there 10 times as the Detours, a couple of times as The High Numbers and numerous times as The Who.   According to "The Who, Concert File" the last time the band played here they were paid 50 Pounds for their services. This time they were paid 300 Pounds. A Who fan by the name of Max (The Mod) Kerseymer has a page dedicated to his attendance of this concert. Click here for the link.   Coincidentally, this was also the release date of The Who's first LP in the UK, "My Generation". 


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On December 15, 1965 The Who played at the University College of Swansea at a gig named the Going Down Ball. This is a Ticket for the show. Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds were the opening act on this night. 


The band played in Kidderminster again on December 16, 1965. This is a handbill for the show.


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On December 17, 1965 the Who Played at the Ricky Tick Club in Windsor immediately following their appearance on the television show "Ready Steady Go!". The Ricky Tick clubs were a group of four clubs scattered around London that played host to a number of bands of the era including Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. This is an extremely rare full size poster for the show. 


This incredibly rare oversize poster was for the band's performance at the Birdcage Club in Portsmouth on December 18, 1965.

Formerly in the collection of Ross Halfin.

Pictured on page 68 of "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere".

Displayed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio from 1998-2000.




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On February 4, 1966 The Who played two shows at the Astoria Theatre, Finsbury Park, North London. The Robert Stigwood organization produced this short tour featuring The Who as the headline act for the first time in their history. This is the program and a ticket stub for the show. How pop art is that photo !!. 

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March 12, 1966 saw The Who at The Birdcage Club in Portsmouth. This is a poster for the show. 

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On April 14, 1966 The Who played the Gaumont Cinema in Southampton for two shows, one at 6:15 and one at 8:40. This is a handbill for the shows. I don't know why, but I've always been curious as to what exactly the Merseys and their Fruit Eating Bears show was all about. 

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April 22, 1966 sees the band in Derby at the Odeon Cinema. This is the original handbill, tour program and ticket stubs for the show. 


On May 5th, 1966 the band was back in Kidderminster again. This is another handbill for the show.


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On May 20, 1966 The Who played at the Corn Exchange in Newbury. This is a poster for that show. 

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May 29, 1966 sees the group in Morecambe at the Winter Gardens for two shows at 6:15 and 8:30. This is a handbill for the show. 


his is a poster for the show on July 23rd, 1966. This is the only known copy of this poster.

Formerly in the collection of Ross Halfin.

Pictured on page 88 of "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere"




This poster is for the Richmond Jazz & Blues Festival in July of 1966. The Who played on Saturday the 30th. 




These two posters are for the band's performance on August 20th, 1966 in Torquay. The one on the left advertised the upcoming show and is probably much scarcer than the on on the right that advertised the show itself.

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On September 16, 1966 the band played in Derby again at the Odeon Cinema. These are the handbill, program and ticket stub to the show. 


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On February 4, 1967 the band played the Birdcage Club in Portsmouth again. It's interesting to note that in early 1967 The Who could still play a small venue like the Birdcage Club.