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Promo items are items that were produced by the record company to promote the band or a specific album. Prior to the release of Tommy, all promo items for the band are quite scarce. Neither Decca records in the U.S. or any of the various labels in England saw fit to invest in this type of promotional material for the band. No promo posters are known for any LP before Tommy. With Tommy the record business and the business of the band was becoming much larger and more profitable. After Tommy I believe that all of the LP's had a promo poster, at least in the U.S.


Concert items were produced to promote or coincide with a live concert appearance. This category includes concert posters, handbills, programs and ticket stubs. This section is grouped into periods of a few years each for easier viewing. 

Much of the specific concert information for the poster section was obtained from the excellent book "The Who Concert File" by Joe McMichael and "Irish" Jack Lyons. This pioneering reference book is an all encompassing look at the Who's concert career from 1962 to the present. All information is used with the kind permission of Joe McMichael.